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Welcome to Money Ma$e Productions.

Fresh in the paint at 18, born and raised on the West Side of San Diego, California. Where the motto is Semper Vigilans, always be vigilant, which is one of the messages conveyed in his rhythmic bars.

His passion is fiery as he takes beats of all kinds and pairs them with words of wisdom beyond his years. Who lit the flame? His influencers include amazing artists that fought for what they believed in. Those who weren’t afraid to speak the truth about real world issues. Eminem, 2Pac, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris …and so many more.

Of course, his greatest influence has always been his family and the Man upstairs. Born to Lashondra Ray, an amazing song bird herself. Growing up listening to mama sing, it is no wonder he turned out to be an artist. He also gives thanks to his Grandfather and Uncle for grounding him and giving him a platform to become a good man.

The mic is his paint brush, and his first masterpiece is below.

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