Our Studio Offers High Quality Production Services

We Offer Our Clients the Following Benefits

Our studio offers high quality production services

  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • And FIRE Beats

We offer our clients the following benefits

  • Soundproof isolation booth with AC and a Camera to record live studio performances.
  • Industry Certified Recording Equipment
  • Programs such as ProTools and Mixcraft
  • Our video and photography team can offer customized photo sessions based on Your vision
  • We can LIVE STREAM your time in our booth to your favorite social media platform.

We plan to capture every emotion and detail to make your moments unforgettable. For those that fit our needs we also offer opportunities to participate and showcase your talent and music at various venues around the city, doing LIVE performances to help you build your fan base and your brand.

We want to provide artists the resources needed to succeed. A working community of veteran artist willing to guide you through your career development process.

The need to collectively unite local artist has become an objective for us. It’s our duty as artists to come together to put our city on the map. Break the silence on Politics, and make community movements that help others and contribute back to our neighborhoods.

The streets have No Love, …But I do.

When you address the issues that are constantly being silenced, it opens the door to invoke Change! We are striving for change. We want to change the way business is done, we want to change people’s perspectives. We want to change the way we support each other!

We want to break free from the stigma associated with the industry. Evolve the Game, for our Future, so we can all EAT!

Join us in our journey and efforts to revolutionize the industry. With renewed hope and vision for a future that offers achievement! I believe in this movement. We believe in you and your ambition.